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Considered as the most promising TEFL Course, evaluated as the best in the niche by professionals, Henry Harvin TEFL Course comes with AAEFL Certification- highest authority certification! Fulfilling the most vital requisites, Henry Harvin has held an enviable repute among all other institutes. The volume of highly rewarding jobs, covering 66 nations, has brought incalculable credibility and recognition! The journey of success has been steady and has brought around a lot of knowledge and learning, compiled here by our experts and academicians for the benefit of all. It will enlighten all those who intend to gain proficiency and expertise as an English language teacher to teach abroad. The wisdom, eruditions, insight of teachers has been embedded in The Quintessential Guide to TEFL course. This handy guide, classified into four parts, will help in getting clarity on all queries related to the course.

Table Of Contents

Part I

This section elucidates the basics and fundamentals of TEFL certification- what it is, why you need to take it, why it matters & how will it benefit you!

Part II

This delves deep into the requirements for you to enroll with us. In addition, it throws light on the varied job options that you can avail with your TEFL in different parts of the world.

Part III

Here you will discover everything that you want to know about securing our online TEFL certification- the most sought after, highly rewarding and with unparalleled flexibility to suit all. In this section, you will also get a glimpse of what life after TEFL shall be!

Part IV

This segment provides invaluable insight into how to select the most rewarding TEFL course for you based on your requirements. Covering the FAQs regarding TEFL accreditation gives clarity on the benefits of our course.

Part I

#What is TEFL?

A four-letter acronym, TEFL, is the short for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
A beginner’s guide to similar common acronyms:
  • ESL- English as a Second Language
  • EFL- English as a Foreign Language
  • TEFL- Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • TEFL Certification- An international qualification, fulfilling requirements and recognized world over, to teach English abroad
  • TESL- Teaching English as a Second Language
  • TESOL- A qualification granted to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages in an English-speaking country
  • CELTA- Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

#What does TEFL Certification mean?

TEFL is the most recognized and credible course all over the world and its certification from a reputed institute like Henry Harvin, with highest level accreditation of AAEFL, works as a passport to best teaching jobs anywhere in the world. In short, it is the key that opens the doors of this world for you, to fulfill your aspiration to teach and explore new countries.

#What is the difference between ESL and EFL teaching?

ESL is English taught to non-native speakers as a Second Language, in an English-speaking country; whereas, EFL means teaching English to non-native speakers as a Second Language, in a non-English-speaking country.

#Of all the alternative courses which is best if one wants to teach English abroad?

TEFL is the most suited for aspirants who want to roam around the world along with pursuing their teaching vocation as its global acceptance is highest among job providers. If you are a Student or an aspiring teacher or an experienced Educator, this is the course for you!

Part II

#What are the prerequisites to acquire a TEFL Certificate?

Most of the TEFL courses, like ours, don’t mandate any prerequisite to enroll for their course, a basic educational degree is what is generally needed along with proficiency in English. Still, there are a few who ask for a minimum graduation degree to enroll with them.

#What kind of jobs should one expect after becoming TEFL certified?

TEFL certificates opens up a variety of jobs abroad as well as provide options for online teaching, without leaving your country. Apart from teaching positions, there are a number of administrative jobs that require proficiency in English, can be taken up. One look at the Henry Harvin job board will give clarity on the scope of the certificate.

Part III

#What are the benefits of taking an online TEFL course?

Adopting for an online course gives the advantage of convenience, cost effectiveness and unmatched flexibility. With Henry Harvin you can enroll through an easy, hassle-free process, from any part of the world, at any time and select the course that is best suited to your needs.

#What to expect after completion of Certification?

From China to Morocco, Germany to Malaysia, no place is far for our certificate holders! AAEFL accreditation is held in great esteem by job providers and most highly paid jobs are grabbed by our TEFL takers within few weeks of completion of certification!

Part IV

#How does one decide which TEFL course will be most rewarding?

One needs to diligently research and check the claims made by the course providers. A non-accredited course should be avoided as they have no recognition with job providers in most of the countries. Very short courses, or courses that are of less than 120 hours, are also a waste of time and money as they do not meet the minimum requirements to teach abroad.

#What salient features should one check before enrolling for a course?

Few things that are mandatory to ascertain the authenticity of a TEFL Certification is an accreditation that is globally recognized. A course that is technically sound and updated, providing knowledge of teaching methods, technicalities along with classroom management.

Benefits of TEFL Certificate

  • English being a language gaining huge popularity world over; being preferred as the second language in more than 55 countries, it’s quite obvious that jobs related to imparting its knowledge has gone up manifolds over the years. 1:4 of the entire population is learning English at present.
  • New jobs come up everyday as emerging economies open up their borders and coffers for gaining proficiency in the language; as they decode its dominance in the world. 120,000 new job openings come up every year. So, from China to Algeria to Japan to Costa Rica, name any part of the world and you can see job opportunities as 50,000+ language institutes and ESL schools keep multiplying.
  • With the number of those eager to pursue it, steadily going up, the economic package has become lucrative, giving an incentive to best in teaching community to explore varied options. The statistics predict that by 2020 there will be more than 2 billion English Language learners in the world. Those with inquisitive nature, adventurous streak, nature loving, excitement to explore other cultures, thirst to familiarize with world history: TEFL teaching is the best option.

Why should you get TEFL Certified?

  • If you aspire to teach English abroad, then it will be a must, as most of the govts., institutes & schools abroad don’t hire without this certification.
  • You will get a deep insight into all the basics of teaching English- lesson plans, class management, grammar & pronunciation, varied strategies.
  • You will certainly enhance your job prospects & it will be easier to beat competition with this certificate as most lucrative TEFL job providers seek mandatory TEFL certification.

6-Step Plan to fulfill your dream to teach English abroad!

1) Explore different destinations
2) Pinpoint qualifications needed
3) Find out Visa requirements
4) Enroll & earn your TEFL certificate
5) Accept a job of your liking
6) Get your Visa & fly off

Thus, you are just a few steps away from giving wings to your dreams and to turn it into reality. Enroll today with us!

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