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When can I begin the course?

You can take up this course anytime that suits you. You can begin as soon as your enrollment is complete

What are the prerequisites to enroll for this course?

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Is this course accredited?

Yes, this course has the highest degree accreditation from AAEFL, recognized globally

How will this certificate enhance my career?

This certificate will give you a distinctive edge over other aspirants as our course is most well defined to suit the needs of people looking to teach English abroad.

How shall I receive my certificate?

After successful completion of the course, you shall receive the certificate within two weeks through electronic mail.

Do I need to renew my certificate?

No, you don’t need to as this has a lifetime validity.

How long does it take to complete this course?

It is usually done within 8-12 weeks’ time.

Does this course have a time limit? Can it expire?

The course has a period of one year as the duration within which you need to complete this course.

Will I need to buy books and materials for pursuing this course?

No, you don’t require to buy anything as all the material required will be provided by us.

In which way will Henry Harvin help me in the progression of my career?

Henry Harvin has tie ups with stalwarts like Tutree, in addition to collaboration with various Ministries of Education, private international schools, colleges, institutes.

Do I need to be a native English speaker to be eligible for jobs abroad?

The requirement for TEFL jobs varies from country to country and some of them do look for native speakers only.

Is it mandatory for me to have the knowledge of the local language of the country where I opt to teach?

No, there is no binding clause regarding this as most of the ministries, institutions prefer complete communication in English.

Is there any upper limit of age to apply for TEFL jobs?

The age factor will depend on the regulations of work visa, which differs from country to country.

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